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Our collaborators

Our team members are highly qualified experts with a passion for their profession. They are constantly on the lookout for the latest medical advances and devote their entire careers to providing personalized care of the highest quality.

These healthcare professionals come from different areas of cardiology, be they specialists practicing general or ultra-specialized cardiology such as environmental, interventional, structural, pediatric, or cardiac surgery, and the list goes on.

Their expertise covers various cardiac conditions, from prevention to advanced treatments, diagnostic imaging, and clinical research.

Our Multi-Skilled Team of Cardiology Specialists

Our team members all have in common the importance of understanding the patient’s heart disease, first for themselves and then for those around them, the issues involved, and the rigor they must apply to their treatment and eventual better future. 

They are all driven by the desire to share their knowledge as simply as possible to benefit people affected by a cardiovascular health problem, near or far.