The CHEF; Phillipe Laloux

The CHEF; Phillipe Laloux


Son of a chocolate maker from Belgium, Philippe was, to say the least, born in a tasty kingdom. Very early, he loves the secrets of the casseroles, the faraway trips and the solitude that books allow. He logically quits his studies at 13 years old for the joys stoves, pots and pans give him.


A first opportunity arises when the prestigious Savoy Park in Brussels asks for kitchen clerks. He jumps head first in this passion for cooking and for creating expression through this art.


A tour of the best houses of France persuades him to take orders for the kitchen. Phillipe begins at the end of the 70s in Belgium.


In 1983, the call from elsewhere, the desire to start afresh and the difficulty to shine in a very saturated market lead our man to try to establish in Québec, a place he had previously visited with lots of interest a few years prior. It is in the province of Québec, newly initiated to his good food, that Philippe established and opened “L’Odéon”, his restaurant on Du Parc Avenue. He stayed here for three years before moving on Des Pins Avenue, where the sign still shows his name.


Since the beginning of the 90s, Laloux concentrates on his catering service, on teaching in Québec and in India, on music and on writing.