Initiated at a young age in the revision of texts, through her help in correcting the homework of the pupils of her mother, a teacher, she resumes these functions now, several decades later.

A most interesting training and work path brings him today to bring his in-depth knowledge of French and English languages ​​to the iCARDIO site, revising some of the texts that appear there.

After his studies, his insatiable desire to learn led him to other courses: General culture at the French Cultural Institute, Preparation for the BAC of the National Distance Education Center, Vanves, Improvement in business English at the Language School and Business, Paris, Comparative Translation and Stylistics, at McGill University, News and Feature Writing and Social Psychology, at Concordia University.

Bilingual executive secretary throughout her career, she has worked at the highest level for leaders in various companies in Montreal, Toronto and Martinique, in Legal Affairs of External Affairs (now Global Affairs), in Ottawa, in '' where she was transferred to a minister at the Canadian Embassy in Paris and, finally, secretary to three mayors of her municipality, successively.

More or less well anchored in her retirement now, she dedicates her time and her skills voluntarily to the translation and revision of texts for various non-profit organizations.