Dr. Michel White is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Research Program at the Montreal Heart Institute.

After a post-doctoral training in Utah and Colorado, Dr. White began his career as a clinical cardiologist researcher in 1993 at the Montreal Heart Institute.
He is a clinical researcher and his research interests focus on the role of regulation and autonomic nervous system (stress-relaxation balance) in high-risk patients. He is particularly interested in the role that the disruption of the stress system can play in the development of pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidative substances in humans. He studies very closely the acute effects of exercise as well as the beneficial effects of regular physical training in these pathological processes.

He has contributed and actively contributes to the teaching of young doctors and young researchers.

He has served and currently sits on several international advisory groups and steering committees organized and supervised by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Veteran Administration (VA) in the United States. He is a reviewer for prestigious scientific journal articles and currently sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Cardiac Failure.

Dr. White has published more than 60 scientific articles and 100 abstracts of research. He has been a guest speaker across Canada, the United States and also in Europe.

Through his direct involvement with critically ill patients, including cardiac transplant recipients, and his belief in the importance of physical activity in cardiovascular health, Dr. White has played a crucial role in some sports and humanitarian activities. On June 23, 2003, he reached, for the first time in the history of organ transplantation, the summit of Mont Blanc with one of these cardiac transplant recipients Sylvain Bédard. More recently, he initiated and organized the Bolivia 6000 expedition bringing two Canadian transplant recipients, a Montreal cardiac transplant recipient, Sylvain Bédard, and a kidney transplant recipient from Edmonton, Dave Smith to break the 6,000-meter world mark, a first in the world. history of organ transplantation.