Dr. Jessica Forcillo graduated in medicine and cardiac surgery from the University of Montreal. She then subspecialized in Valve and Aortic Catheter Therapies at Emory University Hospitals in Atlanta.


Her areas of practice are complex aortic and root surgeries and surgical and transcatheter valve procedures. She also has a great interest in women's cardiovascular health and is co-founder of the CardioF clinic in women's cardiovascular health at the CHUM. She is also a researcher at the CHUM. She holds a doctorate (PhD) in Biomedical Sciences and a master's degree in Public Health.


She also collaborates with groups of researchers internationally and has a particular interest in the assessment of cardiac surgery programs in developing countries. In addition, Dr. Forcillo is very involved in teaching cardiac surgery to residents and medical students.




Aortic and root surgery 

  • Ross procedure
  • Aortic valve-sparing surgery
  • Aortic stentgraft
  • Aortic valve surgery Transcatheter valve procedures (aortic, mitral and tricuspid)