François Simard received his MD from the University of Montreal in 2012, completing his residency in internal medicine in 2015. Dr. Simard holds a degree in adult general cardiology from the same institution since 2018.

In 2019, he completes his training in cardiac imaging, first in magnetic resonance at Royal Brompton Hospital, in London, UK. Then, back in Quebec, Dr. Simard resumes his specialization in echocardiography for 2 more years at the University of Montreal.

His academic career led him to develop an interest in sports cardiology and cardiac remodeling secondary to exercise. Finally, in 2022, Dr. Simard undertook a fellowship in Sports Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain. During this additional training period, he worked with the prestigious soccer club of this great city, FC Barcelona.

Dr. François Simard is currently practicing as a member of the Montreal Heart Institute’s team of professionals, in Canada.

Specialties: Sports cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation.