Calcium channel blocker


This medication group can be divided into two categories, according to their affinity with the calcium channels in the heart or with the surrounding vessels.




A)    Diltiazem [Cardizem™, Tiazac XC™], Verapamil [Isoptin™]

These two molecules are amongst the heart calcium channels blockers. Mainly, they slow the heartbeat and diminish the blood pressure. They are usually prescribed for people suffering from arrhythmia in order de slow the rhythm, to reduce angina or to lower the blood pressure.

Diltiazem and Verapamil are normally taken once per day.

The most frequent secondary effects are fatigue and dizziness. Verapamil may also cause constipation.

B)    Amlodipine [Norvasc™], Nifedipine [Adalat™], Felodipine [Plendil™]

These molecules are part of the group that treats the calcium channels surrounding the heart. They are used to reduce the blood pressure. Consequently, they are prescribed generally for patients with high blood pressure. They may also be taken to reduce angina symptoms.

Amlodiphine, Nifedipine and Felodipine  are usually taken once per day.

The most frequent secondary effect is dizziness. Some people may also notice some swelling of the feet and/or ankles.