Angiotensin Receptor Antagonist (ARA)

candesartan [Atacand™], eprosartan [Teventen™], irbesartan [Avapro™], losartan [Cozaar™], olmesartan [Olmetec™], telmisartan [Micardis™], valsartan [Diovan™]

The ARA prevents the molecule that increases blood pressure and that plays a role in restructuring the heart after a heart attack (normally called remodelling) to act. However, the restructuring created by this enzyme is not necessarily the most efficient to insure the best functioning of the heart.


The ARA is therefore used to reduce blood pressure, favor an optimal healing of the heart after a heart attack and give back strength to the heart.

Depending on the molecule used, ARA must be taken once or twice per day. Make sure to always follow your doctor’s and your pharmacist’s recommendations.

The most frequent side effect is dizziness.