18 June 2018



Acebutolol [Sectral™], Atenolol [Tenormin™], Bisoprolol [Monocor™], Carvedilol [Coreg™], Labetalol [Trandate™], Metoprolol [Lopressor™], Nadolol [Corgard™], Nebivolol [Bystolic™], Pindolol [Visken™], Propranolol [Inderal™]

Beta-blockers are frequently used in cardiology. They are easy to identify on your medication list, the letters "lol" appear at the end of their name.

The beta-blockers slow the heartbeat and diminish blood pressure.

They produce many beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.


We use them, mainly, to reduce angina, to prevent another heart attack in patients who have already lived through one, to prevent arrhythmia or to slow arrhythmia already present and to lower the blood pressure.

They can also be used in heart failure and some valvular diseases.


According to the molecule used, the beta-blockers must be taken either once or twice per day. Follow your doctor’s and your pharmacist’s recommendations.

The most frequent secondary effects are fatigue and dizziness.