A Holter monitoring is a continuous recording of the ECG, the electricity generated by your heart, during 24 hours.  In certain situations, the physician may ask for a recording of 48 hours.

Recording important information

It provides information concerning your heart rate, its regularity or if there are pauses (periods of electrical inactivity).


It is an easy, painless test, not requiring any specific preparation.


You need an appointment

You must make an appointment for this test.

Installation on your chest

At the time of the appointment, we install electrical sensors on the skin of your chest. These sensors will record the electricity generated by your heart.

For a better electrical contact

The keratin on our skin can attenuate the amplitude of the electrical activity of the heart.  In order to get a better contact, the skin is scratched with a mildly abrasive paper.



A recording box at your waist

A recording box will be attached to your waist with a belt and connected to all the electrodes on your chest.











A button in the event of palpitations

There is a button for instantaneous recording on the box.  You just have to press it if you feel palpitations.

We know when you pressed the button

When reviewing the recording, we know when you pressed the button and we can see the electrical activity of your heart at that time. We can correlate your symptoms with your cardiac activity at that time.

The device is not waterproof – be careful

Once the Holter monitor is installed, you are ready to leave. You can do all your regular activities except that you must avoid contact with water. You cannot have a bath or take a shower and of course,  you cannot go in a swimming pool.

Even during the night

You have to wear the monitor for the duration of recording required.  You even will sleep with it.

Returning the device

After installation, the staff will tell you when you must bring the equipment back, usually the next day or 2 days later.

After reviewing the recording, the results will be sent to your physician

You may request a copy of the report for another doctor 

You can ask that a copy of the result be sent to another doctor. You just have to give the name and address of this doctor to the staff.

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