2023...  I’m quitting smoking!!

2023... I’m quitting smoking!!


2023...  I’m quitting smoking!!

The countdown towards the New Year will soon begin!!

3-2-1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Health! Health! Health!

Everybody wishes each other a wonderful year.  “Stay healthy!”  It’s really nice to wish each other to “stay healthy”, but do you take care of your own health?


Changes in life habits

The great majority of us have very busy lives. We must realize that changes in our lifestyles have a major impact on our cardiovascular health.  These modifications help prevent heart diseases and strokes.

Quit smoking

One of these changes is the choice to quit smoking.  Of all the choices a person can make, putting a definite end to smoking has the biggest impact on the heart and on someone’s general health.




The consequences of being a smoker

Half of all smokers will die from their habit of inhaling smoke.  Half of these will die between the young ages of 35 and 69.  It is a quite scary statistic as it signifies that they will live 20 to 25 years less than someone who does not smoke!

Not only lung cancer

Everybody is aware of the impact smoking has on lung cancer.  But, it is important to realize that the main cause of heart-related deaths is smoking.


Important and fast impacts to quitting for good

The benefits of choosing to quit smoking appear very quickly.

The new law that prohibits smokers to smoke in public areas quickly reduced the amount of deaths caused by this habit.

It is never too late to quit smoking!


The benefits are coming quickly

It has been proven that both blood pressure and heart rate decrease after only 20 minutes without smoking.

-Carbon monoxide in the blood associated to cigarettes decreases by half after 6 hours and the oxygenation level of the body becomes normal again.

-The risk of a stroke diminishes immediately on the first day and the lungs begin the hard work of cleaning themselves.

-The senses of taste and smell improve as of the second day.

After 5 years, it is considered that the cardiovascular risks such as death, heart-attack or strokes, are the same as someone who has never smoked.

In general, experts agree that quitting smoking increases a person’s life expectancy by 10 years.


Not an easy task

It isn’t easy to stop smoking!  Only 5% of those who try will succeed in a year!

Being dependent to cigarettes comes mainly from the nicotine.  Your brain develops a feeling of comfort related to nicotine and asks for more to maintain the nicotine level in your blood. 



Some tricks

There are basic tricks to help you get rid of the habit.

·        You need a date!

·        But prior to this, you need the will.  “I want” to stop smoking.  Cigarettes do not have a hold on me.  “I” am the person in control.

·        There are also many other reasons that can motivate your desire.  Life situations can push your desire to quit.  For example, having a child or a grandchild.

·        Saving money can also motivate your decision.  Not having to find a place to smoke can also contribute.

·        Be proud of this mission you give yourself.

·        Relapses are possible.  We are human, so one day at a time!

·        Inform people around you of your decision!  They will support you.


Programs to help you quit smoking

You can increase your success rate by 20-25% by using what’s available, like all the replacement products for nicotine; gum, vaporisers and nicotine patches. 

They have been around for more than 20 years and they are very safe.



The smoke from the combustion is toxic

Health problems are caused by the combustion of tobacco and not the nicotine.  There are 4000 chemical products in the smoke produced by a cigarette.  Someone mentioned “we smoke the nicotine, but die from the tobacco”.


The electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette is composed of water, vegetable glycerine, flavouring, variable dosages of nicotine and propylene glycol.  The latter is a product largely used in food, cosmetics and pharmacology.

This E-cigarette was invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist.  It appeared in Europe in 2007 and has benefitted from many improvements.

In spite of this progress, it doesn’t have the same capacity to deliver nicotine to the brain as does a conventional cigarette.  This can result in certain dissatisfaction in heavy smokers, those who smoke more than one pack per day.


Definitely less harmful than conventional cigarette smoke

However, the electronic cigarette does not release carbon monoxide, or any of the 4000 toxic products of which tens of them are carcinogenic.  There isn’t any combustion in these devices.

Although it isn’t ideal and without any risk, most experts agree to say that using an electronic cigarette can be an effective support in your quest to quit smoking.


Up to 70% success rate

When used with a decreasing dosage of nicotine, this device can increase the success rate for quitters by 50 to 70%.

50% rates are even possible for the unconditional smokers; those who tried everything they could to quit.


Certain resistances

It goes without saying that inhaling substances is not without risk.

Many colleagues and official organisms in Canada and the United States are viciously opposed to the electronic cigarette.  I can understand their hesitation to accept to develop a new habit to eliminate another.


A tool to help quit smoking

My apprehensions were soothed after reading reports from public organisms in Great Britain and France where they have studied the matter for a longer period.  Moreover, most people abandon the E-cigarette after one year without falling back to using conventional cigarettes again. I see it as a tool to help smokers quit. 

It must also be abandoned afterwards.



We may conclude that if you smoke, your priority in regards to preventing cardiovascular problems is to quit.  It is the best choice you can make for yourself.

You have many resources available to support your desire to attain your goal.  Counsellors at Quit Smoking Centres are available to help and guide you.

Different products with nicotine are at your disposition to help you with smoking cessation.


So, are you ready?

Do you have the will?


Happy New Year!!