This site was created to provide information on cardiology topics in popularized terms. It does not replace the doctor but it makes it possible, on the other hand, to better understand the function of the heart, the cardiac diseases, the tests used to diagnose them and the treatments commonly used.

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General Information

For many patients, the contact with the cardiologist seems often too short. Patients are often intimidated, they ask little or no questions and leave without having an adequate comprehension of their condition, the tests ordered and the treatments that are initiated.

This site makes it possible to obtain general information on cardiology. It can even be used as an explanation complement after a visit to the cardiologist or to the general practitioner.

Cardiology is a speciality under constant development. Technological advances in diagnostic tools, surgical and non-surgical procedures as well as new drug discoveries make it possible to improve the life of many patients with cardiac diseases.  


  • This site will help you to better understand:
  • The anatomy - how it’s made?
  • The physiology - how that works?
  • The pathophysiology - what’s wrong?
  • The various tests - how do we find what’s wrong?
  • The possible therapies - how to fix it?

It will be also possible for you to consult information capsules explained by cardiologists on various topics.

  • News
  • Prevention
  • Environmental cardiology
  • Clinical research
  • History of cardiology
  • Congenital diseases

The Icardio is for you. If you have questions without answers, feel free to contact us using our form.